Wednesday, 4 May 2016

The Age Pension is not a loan but a safety net

“The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s suggestion that the Age Pension should be a loan, paid off through the sale of a pensioner’s home is offensive to low income people who rely on the pension in order to survive”, said Amelia Christie, Manager, Research and Advocacy.
“The pension is a safety net for those who need it. A recent OECD report found that more than one third of Australian pensioners are living in poverty.[1]
“CPSA is sick of the business lobby arguing that low income people are somehow cash cows that can be milked for savings. It is the revenue side of the budget that must be looked at - low income people should be left alone. 
“We’re not seeing calls for the mining industry to pay back the subsidies it receives so why are pensioners being targeted?
“If the Government and the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry are so concerned about a pensioner’s home being transferred to their kids, perhaps we should look at bringing back death duties for the wealthy”, said Ms Christie.

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