Thursday, 12 May 2016

A MESSAGE TO MEMBERS & ASSOCIATES                                                                          
The Older Women’s Network Australia Incorporated notes, with the usual dismay and anger, which has now replaced disappointment, that not once in the budget nor in the budget reply were Older Women mentioned. We are tired of this invisibility and now call on all of our members to respond. WE Vote, SO LET US ALL HAVE OUR VOICES HEARD

We are tired of being referred to as the “leaners”, as the “welfare cheats” as a “drain on the society”, as the elderly (although some of us may be). We represent a large voting block us women over 55 years of age and we are tired of being ignored. We contribute over 23 billion dollars annually to the economy in our voluntary, thus, unpaid contributions to society and yet we have no recognition.

We call on our thousands of members and associates to seriously consider where their vote is going. Which political party or Independent is proposing a society wherein older women are treated with dignity and respect. Where the efforts of the older generations are acknowledged and where older women, in particular, are treated with regard and respect and this consideration, dear friends, may have you further consider changing who it is you vote for.

Take note Politicians we are not to be ignored! WE VOTE!

President, OWN Australia Inc.

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