Monday, 30 May 2016

  1. June 15 is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day - For info on how to help 
  2. Join in discussions on population issues with experts from around the world at the Register:
  3. In 1901 only 4% of the Australian pop was 65+ As of 2014,15%. Be part of the conversation 
  4. Just a thought to lead you into the weekend with.
  5. is just 4 weeks away! Join experts in discussions on issues. Register 
  6. .@celebrateageing Absolutely! It is an issue that must be realized and addressed at every generational level & by all sectors
  7. @unlimitingworld No problem, thanks for your interest in learning more about combating !
  8. Collectively we can challenge to change attitudes, language & behaviour. Thank you to all those who joined in the side event
  9. The side event was a great opportunity to open the dialogue on . Special thanks to Dr John Beard, @HelpAge, @Federation & @pfizer
  10. Thank you to all those who joined in the Combating side event - @faejones @Vaccines @MarioOttiglio
  11. A new narrative needs to be developed around adult , promotion & disease prevention across the life course
  12. 51% of Canadians say that is the most tolerated form of social prejudice