Thursday, 27 October 2016

To Christopher Pyne

Dear Minister

I was shocked to hear your discriminatory, ageist, sexist comments on the Insider television program on Sunday. 

These comments, typical of those seeking to perpetuate the discrimination of women, particularly older women, were in response to a question about labor’s “MEDISCARE” campaign. You said, and I quote, ”…ringing old ladies at night scaring the hell out of them”. 

Well for your information very many “old ladies”, we prefer older women, are not so much scared by your comments but enraged by them.  You owe us an apology.
Do you think old men would have been so scared? If not, why not? Why did you not mention them?

For your information, the older women of this country contribute up to 20 billion dollars, each year, in unpaid contributions to society and you think we fear a phone call at night? Time for you to embrace the real world and stop perpetuating sexist discriminatory myths.
Take note Minister, we vote!

Aloma Fennell 
National President
(OWN) Australia Inc.
T: 02 4396 5052
M. 0420 785 335
Email: ownaust@gmail,com
Advocating for the Rights,Dignity and wellbeing of the Older Women of Australia
Statement from Women’s Electoral Lobby (WEL)

WEL welcomes the COAG National Summit on Reducing Violence against Women to be held in Brisbane  this coming Friday 28 October.

However WEL is very disappointed that the Summit has chosen not to address crisis services for women and children escaping violence. The need for such services, and for them to receive long-term secure Commonwealth/State funding, is critical to our national goal of eliminating domestic violence. These services are critical in homicide prevention, especially with so many Australian women being killed by their partners each year. Women need safe places to escape to and to receive expert crisis assistance.

The Summit plans to hold roundtable discussions on such topics as ‘using behavioural insights to reduce domestic violence’, ‘innovative uses of technology’ as well as important discussions on the Family Court, on Indigenous insights and experiences and the effects of domestic violence on children, but there is nothing on the agenda about crisis services, including women’s refuges.

WEL has long argued that crisis services for women and their children fleeing domestic violence are needed, and along with many women’s organisations has been campaigning for a Women and Children’s Safety program, a long term Commonwealth /State Funding program for women’s refuges.  (See:

WEL expresses deep concern that the COAG Summit does not see crisis services and their long term secure funding as a key issue in the prevention of violence against women. 

WEL calls on the COAG Summit to include support for long term secure Commonwealth /State funding for women’s crisis services in its deliberations and follow up actions.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

National Rural Women's Coalition

The NRWC, established in 2002, connects with, and provides linkages with rural women’s organisations and individual women for a stronger networking collaboration and a voice for women living in rural, remote and regional Australia.  It is a dedicated rural women’s organisation independent of party politics.

  • focuses on the recognition, wellbeing, participation, economic security and safety of women in Rural, Remote and Regional Australia in partnerships with our member organisations       
  • supports and grows vibrant, rural, remote and regional communities throughout Australia 
  • Represents the diverse views of rural and remote women   
  • Provides advice to the Australian Government on policy issues relevant  to the views and circumstances of rural and remote women
  • Contributes to building a positive profit of rural women
  • Celebrates the achievement of rural and remote women
We do this through the values  which underpin our work:
  • Respect – recognising and showing commitment to the diverse views of Rural, Remote and Regional women
  • Innovation – challenging and improving connections with Rural, Remote and Regional women
  • Professionalism – acting with integrity and transparency
  • Empowerment – promoting equality, diversity and inclusiveness

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Major report to reveal extent of poverty in Australia
Who: ACOSS CEO Dr Cassandra Goldie and Catherine Yeomans, CEO of Mission Australia; people living in poverty, and representatives other community welfare agencies.
When: Start time – 10.30am Sunday 16 October 2016
Venue: Mission Australia Centre (MAC) Kingswood
Address: 46 Bringelly Road, Kingswood, NSW 2747
ACOSS and leading charities will reveal the latest snapshot of Poverty in Australia at 10.30am on Sunday 16th October 2016.
The report will identify the number of people living in poverty in the country, which groups of people are affected by poverty, and poverty trends.
For the first time the comprehensive report will include comparable data over a 10-year period that allows a deeper trend analysis of how we are fairing as a nation in the fight against poverty.
Media outlets and journalists are encouraged to attend the press conference which will include the voices of people living in poverty and representatives from a range of community welfare agencies.
Also present will include:
  • Dr Cassandra Goldie, CEO, ACOSS
  • Catherine Yeomans, CEO Mission Australia
  • Brad McIver - Lieutenant, Salvation Army Community Service Operations Manager (Doorways/Moneycare/Communities for Children)
  • People with lived experience of poverty and other representatives of Australia’s community welfare sector.