Thursday, 27 October 2016

To Christopher Pyne

Dear Minister

I was shocked to hear your discriminatory, ageist, sexist comments on the Insider television program on Sunday. 

These comments, typical of those seeking to perpetuate the discrimination of women, particularly older women, were in response to a question about labor’s “MEDISCARE” campaign. You said, and I quote, ”…ringing old ladies at night scaring the hell out of them”. 

Well for your information very many “old ladies”, we prefer older women, are not so much scared by your comments but enraged by them.  You owe us an apology.
Do you think old men would have been so scared? If not, why not? Why did you not mention them?

For your information, the older women of this country contribute up to 20 billion dollars, each year, in unpaid contributions to society and you think we fear a phone call at night? Time for you to embrace the real world and stop perpetuating sexist discriminatory myths.
Take note Minister, we vote!

Aloma Fennell 
National President
(OWN) Australia Inc.
T: 02 4396 5052
M. 0420 785 335
Email: ownaust@gmail,com
Advocating for the Rights,Dignity and wellbeing of the Older Women of Australia

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  1. Older women in Australia are the principal care giver' s in this bountry . To be cited SD "scared old ladies" is highly offensive. A large percentage of voters are older women and save government money through volunteering. I join with all older women who are making their mark in Australia through supporting each other and strengthening their communities.