Saturday, 22 October 2016

National Rural Women's Coalition

The NRWC, established in 2002, connects with, and provides linkages with rural women’s organisations and individual women for a stronger networking collaboration and a voice for women living in rural, remote and regional Australia.  It is a dedicated rural women’s organisation independent of party politics.

  • focuses on the recognition, wellbeing, participation, economic security and safety of women in Rural, Remote and Regional Australia in partnerships with our member organisations       
  • supports and grows vibrant, rural, remote and regional communities throughout Australia 
  • Represents the diverse views of rural and remote women   
  • Provides advice to the Australian Government on policy issues relevant  to the views and circumstances of rural and remote women
  • Contributes to building a positive profit of rural women
  • Celebrates the achievement of rural and remote women
We do this through the values  which underpin our work:
  • Respect – recognising and showing commitment to the diverse views of Rural, Remote and Regional women
  • Innovation – challenging and improving connections with Rural, Remote and Regional women
  • Professionalism – acting with integrity and transparency
  • Empowerment – promoting equality, diversity and inclusiveness

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