Monday, 2 January 2017

To Senator Leyonhjelm

The Older Women's Network Australia Inc strongly objects to the insulting comments made by you as reported by the Australian newspaper and the ABC:

Senator Leyonhjelm said Australians should "reinforce the notion" that "when you retire you will only receive the pension if you're poor and it's nothing to be proud of".
​Do these comments apply to Politicians and their pensions?

Clearly you have no idea of the billions of dollars in unpaid contributions made to the Australian society​  predominately older women. Clearly you have n idea that older women were, during their working lives, not entitled to superannuation, who had to leave their jobs in the public sector when they married because 'they were taking a man's job' and should now feel ashamed because of this? 

Well shame on you Senator, shame on you
Aloma Fennell 
National President
(OWN) Australia Inc.
T: 02 4396 5052
M. 0420 785 335
Email: ownaust@gmail,com
Advocating for the Rights,Dignity and wellbeing of the Older Women of Australia

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