Tuesday, 14 June 2016

To:  All TAFE supporters

Now is the time to take up the TAFE cause again and join the rest of the TAFE Community Alliance members in campaigning in the lead-up to the Federal elections.  You can find out about what is happening on the website:  www.tcaelection16.blogspot.com.au

We are:
  • Conducting a targeted seats campaign, so if  you would like to do some work in your local area, let us know.  We need politicians and candidates standing up for TAFE this election
  • Handing out leaflets (see the website) at events, markets, shopping centres – if you would like some, contact lindasimon2@bigpond.com
  • Starting “Occupations for TAFE campaign’ – expect to see the picture of your local sparkie or the chef at your local restaurant in a ‘….. for TAFE’ picture and comment – join in too.
  • Tweeting and blogging and much more

If you are a candidate for these Federal elections, then we urge you to make TAFE a major issue.

We need you to help out as we know you also care about ensuring we have TAFE colleges in the future.  Contact us:  tafecommunityalliance@gmail.com

Our slogan is:  TAFE – job, skills and growth for all

TAFE Community Alliance

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