Thursday, 8 October 2015

Changes to social leave from 17 September 2015

Due to recent changes to aged care legislation, from 17 September 2015 pre-entry leave will no longer be deducted from the social leave that residents may take from their service. Residents are entitled to take up to 52 overnight absences from residential aged care per financial year. Providers are reminded that residents can still have up to 7 days of pre-entry leave prior to entering residential aged care. Providers will still need to record periods of pre-entry leave on the entry form for residents to ensure there is certainty on date of entry to care and so that DHS can properly advise residents of the date from which a basic daily fee may be applied. Care recipients can be charged a basic daily fee during the pre-entry leave period. Residential care subsidy and supplements are not payable during pre-entry leave and care recipients cannot be charged accommodation payments or means tested fees for the pre-entry leave period. More information about the changes to the Social Services Legislation Amendment (No. 2) Act 2015 is available at the Comlaw website at

Update on the National Aged Care Quality Indicators Programme

Work on quality indicators for home care has commenced and consultations with providers and consumers are now underway. A pilot of an initial set of indicators, including consumer experience and quality of life measures will take place next year. For residential aged care, the pilot of three initial quality indicators concluded on 4 September 2015. Work has also progressed on consumer experience and quality of life measures for aged care and it is expected that some tools will be ‘road tested’ later this year with a small group of providers, prior to national piloting in 2016.

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